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our history
Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) the forefront of the trading, manufacturing and servicing fields in Thailand that spans the rich and remarkable history over 135 years committed to improving the quality of products and services in order to grow up and stay strong with Thailand forever.

  • A.D. 1882

    Albert Jucker and Mr. Henry Sigg established ‘Berli Jucker’ under the name “Jucker, Sigg & Co.”.

  • A.D. 1924

    The Company’s name changed to “Berli Jucker & Co.”.

  • A.D. 1965

    The Company was changed into a majority owned Thai Limited Company under the name “Berli Jucker Co. Ltd.”.

  • A.D. 1967

    His Majesty King Bhumibhol graciously awarded a Letter of Appointment to Berli Jucker Co. Ltd., allowing the Company to use the Royal Garuda emblem.

  • A.D. 1975

    Berli Jucker Co. Ltd. was one of the first seven companies to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

  • A.D. 1993

    The Company was transformed into a Public Company Limited under the name “Berli Jucker Public Co. Ltd.”.

  • A.D. 2001

    Thai Charoen Corporation Group (TCC Group), one of Thailand's largest conglomerates engaging in alcohol beverage and related businesses, industrial production, commercial trading, property and financial services, effectively became the majority shareholder in Berli Jucker.

  • A.D. 2006

    The Company increased BJC Cellox capacity up to 45,000 tons per year, thus becoming the largest producer of tissue in Thailand.

  • A.D. 2007

    The Company acquired a 50% stake in Thai Beverage Can Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading manufacturer of aluminum cans and can ends.

  • A.D. 2008

    BJC expand snack markets and manufacturing base in Southeast Asia.

  • A.D. 2010

    BJC forms a joint venture with Owens-Illinois, the largest glass manufacturer in the world TGI, Southeast Asia’s largest glass container manufacturer reaches a daily capacity of 3,300 tons.

  • A.D. 2011

    BJC enters joint venture with Ball Corporation, the largest can manufacturer in the world.
    TGI Celebrates 60 years of automated glass container manufacturing.
    BJC acquires Asia Books, Thailand’s leading English-language bookstore chain.

  • A.D. 2012

    As the year 2012 marked the 130th anniversary of BJC, the Company held a special party to celebrate the landmark, inviting employees, customers, suppliers, trade partners and distinguished guests to attend the event at the Asiatique The River Front in Bangkok on Thailand Business Leader of the Year by the CNBC Global TV Network, USA, which presented the 11th CNBC Asia Business Leaders Awards on 16 November 2012 at ceremony in Bangkok, the award was in recognition of this leadership in domestic and international markets.

  • A.D. 2013

    2013 was another good year for BJC’s business expansion. The company, emphasized on merger and acquisition and new business investment, particulary in local and regional retail sector for becoming ASEAN’s leading distributor.

  • A.D. 2014

    Berli Jucker Public Company Limited founded BJC International Holdings Pte Ltd. (BJIH) in Singapore and founded BJC Commerce Co., Ltd. to oversee growth of its online trading business through 3 website: www.voltztore.com, www.asiabooks.com and www.ogenkistore.com

  • A.D. 2015

    The packaging business successfully developed a method of emerald green glass bottle manufacturing which offers better UV protection, gives high yield and good continuous production. The business also increased manufacturing capacity in Thailand reaching 2,735 tons/day in order to accommodate the growing industry demand.

  • A.D. 2016

    BJC expanded retailing business in Thailand, the company acquired a major stake in “BigC Supercenter” worth over 200 billion baht, catapulting it into a position of one of the largest retailers in South East Asia.

  • A.D. 2016

    The packaging business invested more than 2,000 million baht for the construction of the new furnace at TMG (Saraburi) which once completed will be the 9th glass furnace of BJC packaging business and increase production capacity from 2,735 tons/day to 3,035 tons/day.

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