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BJC has distributed medical products for more than 40 years including pharmaceutical products, healthcare products, medical imaging, medical equipment and medical supplies.  We currently represent more than 40 well-known worldwide suppliers.  BJC provides full services including marketing, sales and distribution with countrywide coverage in government and private hospital as well as clinic.  Healthcare Supply Chain comprises more than 350 skilled employees.  With our long experiences in medical business and varieties of medical products represented, we are keen in many medical fields including Endocrinology, Nephrology, Orthopedic, Cardiology, Hematology, Neurology, Surgery and etc.  Major strengths of our group in local know-how and marketing, superior logistics, as well as efficient regulatory registration and other extra value services have successfully strengthened our partners’ platform.

Berli Jucker’s Technical Supply Chain focuses on building strategic partnerships with suppliers to provide the latest and most innovative solutions in graphics, stationery and specialty products. The Technical Supply Chain divisions focus on improving technical competencies, market knowledge, regional coverage and customer relationships to sustain competitive advantages. The divisions represent leading international producers in their respective fields.

Berli Asiatic Soda Co., Ltd.
Berli Jucker PLC
Berli Jucker PLC
Berli Jucker PLC
BJC & CF (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
BJC Healthcare Co., Ltd.
BJC Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
BJC Specialties Co., Ltd.
BJH Investment Co., Ltd.
Cosma Medical Co., Ltd.
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BJC Healthcare Co., Ltd.
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