Building Partnerships in Thailand SINCE 1882

The rich and remarkable history of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) that spans over 140 years takes it to the very forefront of the trading, manufacturing and servicing fields in Thailand.

The company’s inception was first created through a partnership between the Berli and Jucker families. This was the first of many strong partnerships that led to one of the Kingdom of Siam's earliest and most successful trading companies.

Originally, BJC engaged in rice milling, mining, timber, shipping, importing, and other activities that laid a foundation instrumental for Thailand’s progress towards an “industrial” stage. By carefully selecting and nurturing its local and international partners, BJC continuously prospered over the years to become a major Thai import and export firm. After World War II, BJC diversified its operations into manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

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Your Trusted Partner for a sustainable better living


  • To serve customers’ personal needs based on customer-centric and data-driven culture
  • To deliver quality goods and services through innovative solutions
  • To strive for sustainable prosperity to all stakeholders


BJC Management

Run by highly experienced and respected management with the single-mindedness to further expand the performance of the Company, BJC firmly believes in the principles of free trade and good corporate governance. It is fully accountable to its stakeholders’ interests - shareholders, business partners, employees and the society as a whole.

Board of Directors

Management Board

Value and Culture

The current success of BJC is based on our sound and solid foundation - we are like a tree with roots that reach deep into the earth and branches that reach out to the Thai society. We believe in and adhere to our core values :

  • Corporate Values

    Customer at Heart
    Treat customers First, always
    Go the extra mile to exceed their expectation
    Provide best value & quality with efficiently outstanding service and speed
    Drive Change
    Challenge the status quo with better solution and action
    Focus on Life-long learning with WINNING Spirit
    Move fast for maximizing business opportunities
    Strive for Excellence
    Passionate and focus to do ordinary things for superior results with speed
    Commit superior results with professionalism and integrity
    No compromise on quality and services to deliver best values for customers
    Happy Workplace
    Treat our people with fairness, trust and respect
    Create climate for action through pleasant workplace and environment to unleash people potential
    Empower and develop talented people to grow with the organization
    Promote groupwide team spirit and collaboration to achieve shared goals
  • Corporate Culture

    Winning Attitude

    Be passionate about goal accomplishment and commit to achieve at the highest with preparation for the best, worst and everything in between

    Insights for Customer

    Deep empathy to uncover the rich insights of customers and deliver tailored products & services

    Nurture Relationships

    Work with others both internal and external as business partners towards a win-win cooperation

    New Opportunity

    Demonstrate business intelligence by grasping the opportunity in the VUCA environment and translating into action and/or strategic execution


    Respect and treat people fairly based on their uniqueness while feeling a sense of group membership to maximize results and performance achievement

    Non Bureaucracy

    Rationalize and eliminate anything that block the ways of being fast and flexible to survive in a competitive environment


    Do the best possible process for making and implementing ethical decisions in a timely, appropriate and responsive manner